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Ask the Literary Agents: how can you catch an agent's eye with your proposal?

Ask the editors: how to get your travel book published

Pitch call: Seeking money diaries for next month's TTW newsletter

Ask the Experts: How do you turn an idea into a travel book?

How Monisha Rajesh mastered a career in writing books | Pitch calls | TTW Xmas offer

How to ask for help without being a hindrance

Ask the Experts: How can you level up your travel photography?

The editors' perspective: how photography helps you get commissions

Ask the Experts: How can you balance out photography and writing on the road?

"Hi there, do you have any pics to go with this?" Uh, no.

Let's get practical: How can you decolonise your own travel writing?

The Creator’s Perspective: How to produce inclusive travel content

The Editors' Perspective: How can travel writing be more representative?

We're commissioning | Travel writing course

How can you confront bias in your writing? | Yorks Dales press trip

FAQ: How can you avoid all of your features sounding the same?

FAQ: Is it ever possible to be sustainable as a travel writer? 

FAQ: I've been ghosted, what should I do?

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Bonus newsletter: an exclusive interview with Good Place founder

TTW x BGTW mentoring scheme closing | Applicants invited to pitch JRNY

Ask the expert: How do individual press trips work?

The Editors' Perspective: are press trips OK?

The TTW mentoring scheme is open for applications!

How to tease ideas out of press trip itineraries

Press trips are back on — here's what you need to know

Ask the Experts: How to make guidebook writing profitable

The realities of guidebook writing

The Editors' Perspective: The inside scoop on guidebook commissioning

What's the future of guidebooks? | Press trip opportunity to the Azores

Writers needed! Open me for work opportunities

Travel writing industry news & more

Ask the Expert: How SEO can bring commissions to you

The Editors' Perspective: how writers get assigned briefs

Do you need a niche to be successful?

Forget pitching. It's all about getting the work to come to you

The editors' perspective: pitching foreign publications

Ask the Experts: What should you know before pitching a foreign publication?

Let's Get Practical: How to find - and pitch - higher-paying foreign publications

Beyond our borders: where to pitch outside the UK

Freelance rates in the States | Who pays what

Where's the good money? | An exciting announcement from Nat Geo Traveller

Let's Get Practical: Time management tricks for turning a low fee into a decent hourly rate

What's more important: the money or the byline?

Why we're a little bit worried | Special offer | Jobs board

Ask the Expert: we learn the dos and don'ts of travel content marketing

The Editors' Perspective: how to write commercial content for the biggest travel brands

Let's Get Practical: finding travel copywriting gigs

What even is commercial travel writing and does it pay the bills?

Ask the Expert: we get nerdy with an academic

The Editors' Perspective: how to become a better writer

Let's get practical: how to hone your craft

New mentoring scheme: for new & aspiring travel writers

Exclusive call for pitches: the India Story Agency

What makes good travel writing? | Call for pitches | New mentoring scheme

Travel writing survey: tell us what you think about us and the industry

Ask the expert: setting goals for the year ahead

The editor's perspective: being more business

Let’s get practical: Our favourite tools for running your travel writing business

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