What is Talking Travel Writing?

The inside track on everybody’s “dream job”

The travel media is a mystical thing. For outsiders, it can often feel like a closed book, and even within the industry, there’s a frustrating amount of secrecy around who does what, who wants what and how things work. But we don’t think it should be this way. We want the travel writing industry to be a more open and collaborative space, so we’ve launched a weekly newsletter that creates just that.

Talking Travel Writing is a publication that demystifies the travel media. We explore timely topics, covering everything from ethics to how you make money in this profession; drill down into pitching and PR relationships; and decipher all those pesky acronyms this industry just loves to use. Whether you have bylines under your belt, or you’re an aspiring travel writer, Talking Travel Writing is an essential resource to keep you in business.

Who are we?

We are Lottie Gross and Steph Dyson, two travel writers who have authored guidebooks for Rough Guides and DK, penned opinion pieces for The Telegraph, written features for The Times and, between us, travelled hundreds of thousands of miles around the world.

Why sign up?

Because we provide insider scoops on which editors are commissioning, we’ll seek out calls for travel pitches and tell you where to send your ideas, and we’ll offer genuinely practical, actionable advice to help you succeed as a travel writer.

Each month, we’ll explore a different topic or issue and deep-dive into the subject to offer you a game plan to help grow your portfolio, and your bank balance.

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Demystifying the travel media


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