I really love your posts, Lottie and Steph. My commissions haven't increased since I took your TTW course, but my attitude to my work and to the possibility of taking it in new directions has. Last month I successfully got a local tourism company to support my travel and accommodation to attend a new music festival that I couldn't have afforded to go to otherwise ... and in the process connected the festival with the tourism office that they didn't know they needed, and vice versa. It was brilliant, and I definitely couldn't have done it without your inspiration.

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A great read, as ever Lottie and Steph. I do enjoy waking up to TTW newsletters on Tuesday mornings. Am looking forward to this month's series: my Twitter use has declined massively since Elon took over (and I lost my legacy blue tick). Not that I ever posted in the hope of getting likes / comments etc but engagement dropped massively and I find myself thinking "am I going to get into a pointless argument if I respond to this?", so my Twitter experience is far more passive than active these days.

(My Instagram is used for one very specific purpose)

So I'll be reading this series with interest! Looking forward to it.

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